Indoor Drying
Say goodbye to climate change now when indoor drying is made possible with KYODAI.
Our detergent is formulated based on advanced technology with anti-microbial protection, which helps your clothes achieve that fresh and pleasant smell after each wash.
With KYODAI detergent, every day is a sunny day!
There is nothing better than having clean and fresh clothes without negatively affecting the environment at the same time.
KYODAI strictly do not contain any harmful chemicals which causes body harm and damage to this green environment.
Our product is proudly formulated with plant-based surfactant which is biodegradable yet phosphate and formaldehyde free. We care about the environment alike parents care about their child.
Long-lasting fragrance
KYODAI detergent draws inspiration from the signature Sakura blossom which shares floral notes together with rose, peony, almond blossom and a hint of lemon.
With innovative and high-portion of fragrance used, KYODAI laundry detergents achieve long-lasting scent from wash to wear.
Last but not least, a smooth touch of Vanilla Musk creates an incredibly delightful fresh trail for your whole day activities.
KYODAI detergent uses advanced cleaning technology in penetrating fibres to wash away sweat and dirt for a completely clean laundry in just one wash.
As proven by reliable lab test, KYODAI detergent kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria away to protect you and your family. Just one small scoop of KYODAI detergent is sufficient to eliminate bad odours and stay fresh for weeks.
Stay healthy and be happy with KYODAI!
Customer Reviews

Item was properly wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. My clothes smell so good even after drying under the sun.
Thumbs up to KYODAI 

4 February 2021

I'm very surprised for this detergent, first time bought, definately will purchase again. My Family love it so much! Deep clean and smell awesome!

4 February 2021